High Falls, NY, D&H Canal Historical Society and Museum

Saturday June 24, 2017
High Falls, NY
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Global Water Dances
High Falls, NY

2:00 p.m. - 5 p.m.

  • Opens with a Water Ceremony with Grandmother Etaoqua Mahicanu, M'hooquethoth of the Muhheakannuck Nations. All lovers of water and Water Protectors are invited to join us! You are welcome to bring your drums, rattles, prayers, offerings, etc.
  • Next - High Falls Hoopers for Humanity will hoop for water with local dancers!
  • Then...Matoaka Eagle of the Thunderbird Native American Dancers will lead the crowd in participatory song and dance...everyone is welcome to join in!
  • Hoopers for Humanity will also make hula hoops available for an open playtime for all ages.
  • Paul Wilderman will make Heart Bells (like Smart Bells but nicer) available for adult playtime at a table, too
  • Information on local Hudson River and New York State Water Issues will be available in our pop-up Global Village on Second Street
High Falls, NY, D&H Canal Historical Society and Museum Gather on Second Street in High Falls, NY which is beside the Depuy Canal House