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Dance Resources

Thousands have lived without love,
not one without water.

W. H. Auden, "First Things First"

About Global Water Dances, Movement choirs, Site-Specific Dance:

See selected shorts from the FIRST GLOBAL WATER DANCES in 2011

See selected shorts from the third Global Water Dances in 2015

One River Mississippi (ML Hardenbergh)

Connecting Landscapes: NY-Berlin Movement Choir

Movement Choir 92nd Street Y 2009 (ML Hardenbergh)

Water-related choreography

Water Study Doris Humphrey

Water Weaving Women, contemporary water ritual

Wade in the Water/Revelations Alvin Ailey

Water Body Susan Murphy Canopy Studio

Traditional water uses, rituals, songs, and ceremonies:

Sacred Water Song by the Akwesasne Women Singers

Traditional Ghanian water ritual

Touched by Water movie trailer (global bathing rituals)

Vanautu Islands Water Music

Vanautu Women's Water Music, Sea Snake

International Water Ceremony at Ubuntu Village