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Global Water Dances - A Day of Dance Activism for Water!
Over 90 Sites in 27 Countries on June 24, 2017!

See a trailer about Global Water Dances - Site-specific dance activism on six continents

Join the dance: what we are doing and how to participate

What we are doing :addressing local water issues and creating bonds using time, space and rhythm.

High Falls, NY, D&H Canal Historical Society and Museum We invite your participation in our Global Water Dances event in High Falls, NY or in any other location. On June 24, 2017, at 2pm local time, choreographers and dancers from each participating city will present a dance event. The dance event will be set in a locale in their city that enables them to bring attention to a specified local water issue.

Our worldwide event, linked throughout the day via broadcast media and the internet will challenge countless observers, locally and online, to deepen their understanding about the importance of water in human communities.

Please join us!

A wide range of people (choreographers, dance groups, community organizations, water activists, and others) will use this worldwide event to draw attention to their local water issues as well as the worldwide fresh water crisis.

Each local event invites participation, teaches about our local and/or worldwide water crises, and raises awareness. Local communities will be encouraged not only to dance, but to find ways to take action to solve their immediate water problems. Each event will reflect the importance of water as seen by that local community and in the eco-systems we share.

If you are a choreographer, you are still invited to bring something to this High Falls event or to organize your own local site. Global Water Dances asks community organizers to work with the people in their own home city or town to drive a process that builds up collaboration with community members.

Each Global Water Dances event will be performed on the same day to include:

A ritual or opening ceremony specific to each site.

A community event created by local activists, celebrants, musicians, docents, actors, designers, choreographers, etc. from that area, using locally-based talents, to express chosen local issues regarding water.

An opportunity to connect participants with water within and without, locally and globally.

Each local event invites participation and teaches about our local and/or worldwide water crises. Taking responsibility for valuing and protecting water flows easily into other ways of caring for our planet (transition to renewables, reducing carbon footprint, recycling, etc). Local communities will be encouraged not only to dance, but to find ways to take action to solve their immediate water problems, thinking globally while acting locally. Therefore the initiators of Global Water Dances are also inviting community organizations to fringe the dance event with activities from environmental groups.

Interested? If you want to volunteer for or participate in the High Falls Global Water Dances event in any way, call 845-687-3473 and ask to speak with Leslee Rachel Cooper. Or text 646-808-5780. Or email aboutvision at and put Global Water Dances High Falls in the subject line.

Also, check the map and see what other cities are participating. You can find out information on local contacts and more.